Positive energy inspires national forum

NSUF - AsariRichmond Fellowship and partners came together with people who access services to pioneer a new approach to mental health recovery and the way we co-produce services.

The national mental health forum held by Richmond Fellowship saw over 100 people in attendance from across the country.

In the spirit of co-production, the day was organised by a combined team of staff and people who access services.

The highlight of the day was a ‘heartfelt’ and ‘inspiring’ talk from Asari St.Hill of Investors in Diversity. This set the tone for the day and inspired people to come forward and share their experience of mental health services and the care they had received.

Grazina Berry, Group Director for Performance, Quality and Innovation said It’s always great to hear people’s life stories and the role we have played as an organisation. It makes me feel proud and lucky to be working alongside such inspiring and committed individuals.

The room was filled with people and the atmosphere with positive energy. I hope that everyone found the day as enjoyable as I did.

Also discussed was the new ‘Working Together’ strategy, which has involved people using our services sharing in decision-making throughout the development process.

We’ll have further news on our group strategy later in October.

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