95% of people using our services would recommend Richmond Fellowship to others

95% of people using our services would recommend Richmond Fellowship to friends and family, according to our latest satisfaction survey.

Regular feedback from the people we support helps us to continually improve our services – this is the fourth time we’ve organised the survey.

A summary of the results called Listening and Learning has been produced and highlights where we’ve done well and where we need to improve. 

Positive feedback from the survey included:

  • 94% said we listen to individuals about their needs
  • 88% said we help them to make progress with their individual support plan
  • 94% said we help them to improve the quality of their life.

Areas where the people we support said we need to do better included:

  • We need to provide individuals with more information about charges and rent if they use one of our care homes or 24 hour supported housing services
  • We need to support individuals more to consider how they can improve their physical health
  • We need to keep improving how quickly and effectively we respond to repairs and maintenance issues

The survey was open to anyone using our services and we received over 1,600 responses, around a third of all the people we support.

Grazina Berry, Richmond Fellowship’s director of performance, quality and innovation, said: “We’re especially pleased that most of the people we support felt listened to about their needs and that we’ve helped them to improve the quality of their lives, as putting individuals in control of their own recovery is central to our philosophy.

“Feedback is also really important for helping us to shine a light on areas where we’ve still got work to do, like continuing to improve how our property services team organises repairs. Finding out what’s important to the people we work with enables us to focus on these areas and to keep improving the support we provide.”

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