Tonbridge and Malling Community Support

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Oak Lane
TN13 1UH

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Who we are

Richmond Fellowship’s Tonbridge and Malling Community Based Support service works with individuals affected by mental ill health already living in their own homes to receive assistance with day-to-day tasks and activities, such as budgeting finances or doing the weekly food shop.

What we do

Our community based service offers 10 units to residents and individuals seeking residence in Clarion HG properties for up to 2 years of support.

Who we help

Our service is available to adults with mental ill health, aged between 18 and 6 with a local connection to Tonbridge and Malling.

Individuals must be on the local housing register.

Getting referred

Referrals are open to anyone in the local area.

Application forms can be obtained through Greensands.


Oak Lane
TN13 1UH, Sevenoaks, Kent,
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