Trevayler Care Home

Residential Service

309 Burton Road
DE23 6AG

Who we are

Richmond Fellowship’s Trevayler Care Home works with each person to recognise when they are becoming unwell and take preventative measures to avoid relapse. We work closely with multi-disciplinary teams to provide one-to-one bespoke support for each person.

What we do

Our Trevayler Care Home is a short term mental health recovery service outside Derby. Our support offers intensive and structured rehabilitation to enable our clients to move on to more independent living.

Placements typically last for twelve weeks and focus on the unique needs, desires and strengths of each person.

Thorough support and safety plans enable us to get to know people really well, so that we can help them avoid relapse and thrive in life. We work closely with multi disciplinary teams to ensure people receive wrap-around support during and after their stay with us.

Who we help

Our service is available to individuals aged 18 or over who live in the local area.

Only patients in hospital at the time of referral will be considered.

Getting referred

Referrals are submitted by local hospitals.

Additional info

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