East Cheshire North Supported Housing (Princess Court)

Community Support

Princess Court
Princess Crescent
CW10 0QL

Who we are

Richmond Fellowship’s Princess Court is a 24 hour Mental Health Supported Housing Service based in Middlewich, with 7 individual self contained flats.

We provide a person centred holistic approach to promote the recovery of the people who live here, and support them to regain their independence. We offer support to adults, and aim to identify and meet their diverse needs, to help them on their personalised recovery journey.

What we do

Princess Court does have sleep in cover where you can access general support 8am-10pm, however if you are in crisis you will be able to request and receive support outside of these hours.

Support includes:

  • Support to sign up to a plus Dane tenancy within the building.
  • Support to set up utility bills, gas, water, electric, tv, council tax.
  • Maximise benefits, apply for any eligible exemptions, discounts, or grants.
  • Support to identify, apply and attend any courses to enhance wellbeing, employment, and basic skills needs.
  • Support to reconnect and build positive relationships at service level, within the community and where requested and appropriate family and friends.
  • Support to identify, apply and attend any employment opportunities, paid or voluntary.
  • Support to maximise health and wellbeing book and attend appointments such as GP, dentist CMHT etc., order, store and oversee medication.
  • Organise and facilitate activities such as walking groups, cinema groups, activity days, service user holidays.
  • Encourage involvement in the running of Richmond Fellowship as an organisation through promoting coproduction at every opportunity (national service user events, recruitment and selection involvement, peer mentoring, regular house meetings etc.)
  • Provide a person centred holistic recovery focussed approach.
  • Support to register with Local Housing Authority/private landlords and actively bid whilst gaining the skills to live independently.

Who we help

Adults with a mental health diagnosis.

Getting referred

The individuals entering the service will have high-level support and care needs and may include those with serious mental illness who may have a dual diagnosis and who also may have a history of substance misuse.

This includes individuals who are subject to Section 117 of the Mental Health Act and/or subject to MAPPA and Individuals whose level of risk can be managed safely in a social care environment.

In summary individuals may:

  • Have significant histories of risk to themselves or others
  • Relapse very rapidly if medication is discontinued or the environment is stressful
  • Be subject to section 117 of the Mental Health Act or a Community Treatment Order
  • Have dual diagnosis support needs
  • Have struggled to manage in other a supported housing settings and will be part of the Care Program Approach.
  • Referrals will be made to the service the by CECPCTs Community Mental Health Teams or other statutory agencies.

Referrals will be assessed using The Provider’s ‘Recovery Journey “Application for Service’ form with consent of the individual client. This should be sent along with the required supporting documentation, which will include social history, psychiatric report, recent CPA plan, up to date Risk Assessment and if there is a forensic history then more specialised information may be required.

The Referral Panel will approve all referrals made to the service.

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