Brendan House

Crisis Service

5 Locketts Court
WS11 5FZ

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Who we are

Richmond Fellowship’s Cannock Brendan House crisis service looks to address both your immediate crisis and longer term recovery goals.

It provides safe, high quality support with an emphasis on understanding the factors which contributed to your crisis. The service equips you with strategies and tools to support your ongoing mental health recovery.

What we do

Our 24 hour short term crisis service offers 3 beds for up to 7 days to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis.

Our service operates in a non-clinical environment using talking therapies.

Who we help

Our service is available to individuals aged 18 or over who live in South Staffordshire where mental health is the primary support need.

The individual must be known to primary or secondary mental health services and needs a safe space to address a mental health crisis and seek support.

Getting referred

Referrals are via qualified mental health professionals, social workers, psychologists and GP’s (with an appropriate risk profile) or through Community Day Service managers.


5 Locketts Court
WS11 5FZ, Cannock, Staffordshire,
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