Chichester Peer Support

Forum House
Stirling Way
PO19 7DN

01243 780420

In our peer support service, all our staff have had mental health problems and have used mental health services. In addition, to become a peer supporter, they have completed the peer employment training provided by Recovery Innovations.

How we help

We support people who are going through a difficult time, by sharing our experiences, helping them discover the strengths and developing skills that will lead to wellness. Two levels of support are offered:

Intensive Peer Support: This is limited to no more than 10 sessions. We focus on establishing a relationship which provides the peer supporter and service user with a safe place to share and explore together the meaning and value of their experience of mental health problems.

Low Key Peer Support: This support is not time limited but regularly reviewed. We focus on doing things together and to address social exclusion.

We focus on:

THE PERSON: Individuals sometimes get lost behind a mental health diagnosis, symptoms, medications and side effects. We accept the person as they are now and support their self-acceptance.

THE PERSONAL STORY: People who have mental health problems have often experienced difficult and traumatic situations. As peer supporters, we facilitate and listen to these personal stories and help individuals to make sense of them.

THE PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP: It is an equal relationship with two individuals sharing a similar experience, in which one of them has recovered , becoming a more credible role model.

Who we can help

Who we can help:
Our service is for adults aged over 18 with mental health support problems who are registered with a GP and/or are resident in the areas served by Horsham and Crawley Borough Councils or Chichester District Council.

Our approach

At the heart of everything we do lies:

  • Hope: the belief that recovery is possible for every individual
  • Respect: valuing differences and all contributions
  • Enabling: giving people encouragement and support to achieve their goals
  • Inclusion: the belief that everyone has a right to participate fully in society.