Leicestershire Life Links

Community Support

Who we are

Richmond Fellowship’s Leicestershire Life Links service works with individuals already living in their own homes. They offer information, advice and navigation services to people looking for local support, and 1:1 community recovery support for people suffering with a mental health problem. Holding a recovery focus, community recovery support aims to empower people so they can more readily manage their mental health and live successfully in the community.

What we do

Here at Life Links, we provide a wellness recovery service tailored to meet your needs.

Our information, advice and navigation services can help you find community and digital resources that will help you to achieve your recovery outcomes, make your independence more sustainable and support you in developing your own support networks.

Visit our website for self help information in Leicester City, Blaby, Oadby and Wigston.

Our community recovery support is available to you as an individual or as part of a wider group and can be provided either in your own home or at a community venue local to you. The support we offer focuses on your strengths, needs and future aspirations. Community recovery support is offered to those eighteen and over who are identified as meeting eligibility criteria during assessment.

Who we help

Individuals aged 18 or over experiencing mental ill health.

Getting referred

Please see our website www.rflifelinks.co.uk

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