Public campaign to tackle mental health stigma reaches Huddersfield

Richmond Fellowship Volunteer Coodinator Alison Walker tackling mental health stigma

People accessing mental health services in Huddersfield are taking part in a campaign to tackle mental health stigma as part of world mental health day.

Richmond Fellowship, the national charity making mental health recovery reality, will be taking to the streets of Huddersfield and Dewsbury to raise awareness for people living with mental health problems.

One in four people in the UK live with a mental health problem and often feel stigmatised by people not understanding their conditions according to the results of a survey conducted by Richmond Fellowship.

Joe Redmond, managing director for Richmond Fellowship in the north, said: “The results of our Big Conversation with everyone who uses our services show that mental health stigma remains a huge problem.

“Whilst the understanding of mental health problems has gradually improved, people who use our services often find that people know very little about their conditions and how it is to live with a mental health problem.

“We hope to inspire conversation and debate around mental health by speaking to people in Huddersfield and increase the understanding of mental health problems from members of the public.”

Anthony Hunt, who uses an employment service for those that have mental health problems said: “If someone had said to me I would experience a mental health issue a few years ago, I would have laughed.

“I’ve always run my own business and really didn’t expect to find my self dealing with depression and anxiety. I really didn’t understand that mental health issues can affect anyone and I know there are still many people with that attitude.

“As a group we decided to put together some information about common myths about mental health and what the general public can do to make life a bit easier for people that have a mental illness.

“We hope to play our part in helping to create a more positive view of mental health; we all have mental health but sometimes for any number of reasons it can be worse than others and nobody should feel ashamed talking about it, asking for help or worry they will be treated differently because of it.”

Richmond Fellowship is part of the Time to Change campaign that campaigns to end mental health stigma.

The information stall will be at near Boots in Huddersfield and in Dewsbury market between 10.30 am and 3pm on Friday the 9th of October. Members of the public are invited to talk with staff and the people who use  services to learn more about mental health.


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