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Who we are

MyTime logoMy Time is an award-winning, pioneering and innovative, multi-lingual, community domestic abuse and mental health service provider working in the Midlands. MyTime is a division of Richmond Fellowship.

What we do

Our Drive service is an intensive intervention that works with high-harm and serial perpetrators of Domestic abuse to challenge behaviour, hold perpetrators to account and prevent further abuse and harm to victims and children.

The service, which is jointly funded by the PCC and Home office, operates across both Birmingham and Sandwell regions, chosen due to the significant number of DA cases within both areas.

The intervention is directly focused on high harm and serial perpetrators of abuse and is tailored to address the primary needs and remove barriers to engagement, enabling effective behaviour change work to safely be undertaken. An intensive one-to-one case management approach to tackle offending and hold perpetrators accountable for the abuse is adopted and each case will be responded to on an individual basis and in the best interests of the victims and children.  New enhancements to the service means that there is additional specialist support for cases whereby there are presentations of issues pertaining to substance misuse and mental health as well as a specialist post to work with our BAME demographics.

MyTime is delivering the programme in both areas, with an expert team of trained professionals, who work closely with statutory and voluntary agencies including the police, probation, mental health services, victim/survivor services, and children’s services, to prevent and end abuse. Victims/survivors will be provided with support throughout the Drive intervention.

Drive has been highlighted in both the government’s VAWG strategy and the Domestic Abuse Bill for its innovative approach to working with perpetrators.

Who we help

This service supports both perpetrators of domestic violence and victims/survivors.

Getting referred

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Safe browsing online

If you are in an abusive or controlling relationship it is important you stay safe online when viewing support. Please click here for more information.

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