Our competency framework

We have high expectations when it comes to our people, and our competency framework outlines the capabilities we require for the roles we advertise.

Our framework describes the behaviours that we expect our people to demonstrate in their day to day work.

If you apply to join us we’ll ask you, as part of the recruitment process, to tell us how you have demonstrated these qualities and skills in the past. The competencies will help us to assess your fit within our stated competency requirements.

The framework contains six core competency descriptions that apply to all staff plus two additional competencies that apply to certain roles. They represent the types of behaviour we wish to promote.


Works co-operatively and flexibly with other members of the team. Exhibits a full understanding of the role of a team member, to achieve a common goal.

Team member
(Grades A-C)
(Grades D & E)
Senior manager, plus all manager behaviours
(Grades F & G)
1. Creates positive working relationships with others

2. Is committed to the team and the team agenda

3. Contributes to and shapes team targets

4. Understands and recognises own role within the team

5. Recognises when others need help

6. Celebrates the achievements of others within the team

7. Values contributions from other team members

1. Resolves conflict between team members and others

2. Creates a climate of trust and collaboration

3. Supports and owns team targets and encourages effective ways of working

4. Seeks opportunities to break down any ‘them and us’ barriers

5. Actively makes contact with others, outside of their own team, to improve service

6. Recognises when to offer help and support to others

7. Actively shows interest in team member issues and problems

1. Networks effectively both internally and externally

2. Works to develop a one team approach across RF

3. Implements partnership working to achieve strategic objectives


Communicates clearly and effectively with a wide range of people, taking account of the audience and their needs.

Team member
(Grades A-C)
(Grades D & E)
Senior manager, plus all manager behaviours
(Grades F & G)
1. Uses forms of communication appropriate to the audience

2. Asks relevant questions to clarify understanding

3. Presents succinct and clear information promptly either orally or in writing, as required

4. Records information clearly in accordance with procedures and systems

5. Demonstrates awareness of body language

6. Takes responsibility for reading and understanding communications sent from RF management

7. Communicates in a courteous, professional and positive manner

1. Anticipates and manages the impact of messages and information communicated from all sources

2. Communicates and interprets complex information to others clearly and effectively

3. Creates environment where team members are encouraged to communicate effectively

4. Facilitates discussions to achieve collective objectives

5. Gives constructive feedback and uses communication skills to motivate others

6. Ensures feedback provided, as requested, to organisational and corporate issues

1. Seeks opportunities to participate in strategic and corporate decision making processes

2. Motivates others by understanding and responds appropriately to organisational culture and internal politics

Planning and Organising to Achieve Results

Organises and plans work effectively through the achievement of targets and work plans

Team member
(Grades A-C)
(Grades D & E)
Senior manager, plus all manager behaviours
(Grades F & G)
(a) Frontline
Ensures effective delivery of recovery journey and monitors own performance accordingly.
(b) Administrative
Ensures achievement of targets and work plans and monitors own performance accordingly.

2. Keeps appropriate people informed of progress in key areas

3. Seeks guidance when necessary

4. Takes account of organisational policies

5. Checks for accuracy to get things right first time

6. Prioritises work to maximise effective use of resources and effort

7. Remains focused when faces with competing demands

1. Works with stakeholders and customers to clarify their needs and thus develop business plan to achieve results

2. Negotiates, plans ahead and takes decisions to resolve conflicting priorities and changing organisational targets

3. Delegates, monitors achievement and supports the work of others appropriately

4. Takes responsibility for making and communicating decisions and moving things on

5. Demonstrates financial understanding of budgetary systems and identifies and plans the use of all available resources to meet current and future needs

6. Engages and collaborates with all parts of RF (as appropriate) and takes organisational policies, procedures and strategies in to account when planning work

1. Project manage large scale corporate projects, managing risks, to ensure longer term results are achieved

2. Identifies organisational development needs and seeks to ensure they are met

3. Takes busines strategies into account in planning work

4.Analyses RF performance information to identify and respond to trends, taking account of external benchmarking data

Customer Focus

Shows commitment to putting all our customers first and takes pride in delivering a consistently high quality of service. Please note: Customers are inernal (service users, colleagues) and external (stakeholders, community, other organisations or individuals

Team member
(Grades A-C)
(Grades D & E)
Senior manager, plus all manager behaviours
(Grades F & G)
1. Identifies, clarifies and responds to customer needs

2. Adopts fair and equitable approach to meeting customer needs in a timely and appropriate fashion, taking account of diverse needs

3. Keeps all customers up to date and informed about issues that affect them

4. Understands the services RF provides and matches hese to customer needs

5. Actively seeks customer feedback to improve and develop own performance

6. Resolves customer enquiries promptly at point of contact and only refers to others as necessary

1. Creates environment which responds to and manages customer expectations

2. Seeks to clarify and understand internal and external customer requirements

3. Meets and aims to exceed, internal and external customer expectations

4. Implements systems to requiest and record customer feedback

5. Seeks opportunities to promote RF as a provider of excellent services whenever possible

1. Understands the interests and expectations of a range of external organisations and seeks to respond appropriate to them

2. Develops services to meet new and emerging customer expectations

3. Keeps abreast of changing customer expectations and ensures RF is able to respond to changing needs appropriately

Valuing Diversity

Recognising and valuing difference to create working culture and practices that respect value and harness difference for the benefit of the organisation and individuals.

Team member
(Grades A-C)
(Grades D & E)
Senior manager, plus all manager behaviours
(Grades F & G)
1. Understanding and awareness of other values, cultures and practices and their implications in delivering a service

2. Seeks information in appropriate way to expand knowledge and understanding

3. Seeks out, recognises and uses creatively what people from different backgrounds have to offer. Open to new ideas.

4. Recognises and deals with inappropriate behaviour using principles laid down in RF policies and code of conduct

5. Models the organisation’s expectations with regard to equalities practice at all times

1. Empowers people to achieve best practice in approaches to equality and diversity

2. Ensures team members value the diversity of all they work with and welcomes and integrates people of different backgrounds into teams effectively

3. Implements diversity policies and practices to support continuously improved business and customer outcomes

4. Demonstrates integrity and consistency in all aspects of work

1. Ensures diverse experiences are used fully in planning and developing new approaches and new business and service opportunities

Continuous Improvement

Actively seeks to improve knowledge, skills and understanding and contributes to improved service delivery

Team member
(Grades A-C)
(Grades D & E)
Senior manager, plus all manager behaviours
(Grades F & G)
1. Responds positively to change and embraces revised working methods and new learning

2. Takes ownership for own learning and commits to the training and development required for the job

3. Looks for and suggests ways to improve current working practices, own and team performance

4. Ensures agreed changes and new ways of working are implemented and maintained

1. Creates an environment where change is positively embraced

2. Finds solutions when faced with difficult situations

3. Looks for ways to improve own and team performance

4. Actively promotes and encourages innovation in working methods and new business development

5. Actively seeks to remove barriers to progress and moves situations forward

1. Implements improvements to enhance organisational performance

2. Identifies and promotes organisational learning

3. Understands wider and changing business and service needs and adapts approach accordingly

Applicable to roles where the primary purpose is to provide guidance and advice by reference to an appropriate and relevant body of knowledge. Behaviours are described without differentiating according to management hierarchy.

Applicable to Grade G staff.