Our approach to recovery

For over 60 years we’ve pioneered and practiced our belief in social inclusion and recovery.

We believe that mental health is everyone’s business and that we are all dependent on each other to a greater or lesser degree for our mental wellbeing. We believe that recovery is a journey, and is different for each person.

While there is no single definition of recovery, the achievement of the best possible quality of life for each individual lies at the heart of this journey.

Our approach to recovery makes sure we’re focused on individuals’ recoveries in everything we do as an organisation.

We work with experts in the field, such as the Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change (ImROC) programme team, who are helping us to ensure that recovery principles are embedded consistently across our wide range of services.

“The support I’m receiving is of high quality, my concerns and needs are met and it gives me the confidence to take on and overcome new challenges in my life”

– person who’s used our service in Waltham Forest

The recovery journey

The people we support are central to everything we do. We believe that each person is unique, and should have the opportunity to take control over their life, and to develop new meanings and purposes. We concentrate on the person and their individual needs, choices and aspirations, rather than on diagnostic categories or labels.

Peers, experts by experience, provide a valuable element of support through their own mental health recovery stories, and the empathy, encouragement and inspiration these provide those using our services.

 We take a recovery focused approach in supporting people to:

  • actively take part in decisions about their support and have as much control over this support as possible
  • take part in activities they value, including mainstream community activities
  • live in accommodation that promotes their independence and recovery
  • benefit from the type of support they are receiving – be it practical, emotional, social, personal, cultural or spiritual
  • achieve new levels of self confidence and independence.