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St. George’s is a beacon service for those searching for the highest quality support in their journey towards greater independence.

We are continually adapting and improving in order to meet the growing demands of our stakeholders, whilst placing our users at the core of excellent service provision.

We have a strong track record of supporting people with severe and enduring mental health needs and have a proven track record working with those with forensic backgrounds. Our unique, structured therapeutic support can help stabilise lives without intensive use of medical and psychiatric services.

At St. George’s, we recognise we’re only one part of someone’s recovery journey and we work closely with those agencies who may already be providing support to an individual to ensure a smooth transition into our services. Just as importantly, our phased approach to recovery supports residents to develop skills essential for moving into less supported or independent living.

Our robust approach to risk management means that people with highly complex mental health needs can benefit from a placement with us, making St George’s House a cost-effective alternative to hospital admission

How we help

We provide 24hr supported accommodation coupled with a range of non-clinical opportunities and interventions to promote independence. We have a model of service which is based on the enabling principles of a psychologically informed environment and our role is to support individuals to drive their own recovery and rehabilitation programmes. Our support is focused on medium term, intensive and structured rehabilitation to enable individuals to move on to less supported or independent living.

We work in close partnership with both mental health and mainstream services to create opportunities for people’s individual journeys to recovery. In addition we host a range of in-house groups to support social responsibility and community involvement.

We proudly offer a personal budget practice scheme. This enables individuals to understand the ethos behind the personalisation agenda and gives them practical experience with spending an in-house budget on a social care need. Many people who use this scheme go on to apply for personal budgets in their own borough.

Our recovery model

We have adopted a three-phased model of care which allows individuals to progress their recovery at a pace appropriate to them:

Phase 1 – We concentrate on establishing a thoroughly detailed and ongoing assessment of needs, while at the same time providing opportunities for individuals to build relationships, identify their own needs, feel empowered, and experience positive achievement.

Phase 2 – We give individuals the opportunity to move into a semi-independent setting where they can experiment with some of the practicalities involved in assuming greater personal responsibility, while retaining close staff support. They are supported to develop personal organisational skills, test out interpersonal and social skills, and extend their social networks.

Phase 3 – Individuals gain experience of independent living with focused key-work support and they assume high levels of responsibility for themselves. They are supported to solve problems, negotiate their needs and prepare for independent living.

Aftercare – We also help people in the transition from residential to supported and independent living. Our transitional service can be commissioned for anyone who uses our service and can be tailored
according to need. There is a one month free transitional service for NHS Trusts or local authorities who hold a preferred stakeholder arrangement with St. George’s House.

Our facilities

We believe that the physical environment should reflect the therapeutic fabric of our recovery model. We can provide placements for up to 23 individuals at any one time.

As well as our accommodation, St George’s offers a range of facilities including:

  • A psycho-educational reference room
  • A wellbeing room with aromatherapy and mindfulness sessions
  • An IT suite for individual skill-building
  • A seasonal garden promoting bio-diversity and greener spaces.

We have a highly-skilled, community-based staff team who offer 24 hour support. We also have specialist recovery support in forensic mental health, involvement and wellbeing, and dual diagnosis.

Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds and receive robust training to ensure they are equipped to handle whatever complex needs an individual may have. The team uses many aspects of therapeutic practice including low expressed emotion, devolved decision making, motivational interviewing, interventions reflective of CBT and DBT approaches and working within cycles of change.

Who we can help

We offer three types of assessment models with flexible referral pathways to ensure that a placement at St George’s House is right for an individual:

Forensic Inreach – Our in-reach service is available for individuals who are currently in a secure setting. Skilled members of our team can provide regular visits to offer support and information prior to someone moving back into the community. They can raise awareness and understanding about St. George’s House and give individuals the opportunity to develop positive relationships with our staff before joining us.

Diversion – We have set this up to support individuals who are in an acute setting to continue their recovery and stabilise in a non-clinical environment. This in turn helps to relieve pressures on bed spaces in acute wards.

Respite – We have recently launched this model to support the rapid assessment of individuals in acute social crisis to provide short term intervention for those in need.

We operate a tiered fee model based on the needs of the people who use our services.

Our values

At the heart of everything we do lies:

    • Hope: the belief that recovery is possible for every individual
    • Respect: valuing differences and all contributions
    • Enabling: giving people encouragement and support to achieve their goals
    • Inclusion: the belief that everyone has a right to participate fully in society.

Our CQC Rating