Lincolnshire Crisis Support

White Gables
Long Ley’s Road


Download our Lincolnshire crisis leaflet

Our crisis houses offer short term crisis intervention to help individuals avoid having to be admitted to hospital. We work with each person to develop a tailored support package based on their needs.

Our packages are designed to enable individuals to work through the period of crisis and, with professional support, identify relevant coping strategies with the view of maintaining positive wellbeing.

How we help

Our service offers:

• A warm, comforting and homely environment to tackle a mental health crisis

• Access to trained staff and peer support to develop personalised coping strategies and recovery management techniques

• Friendly and knowledgeable staff who help you deal with a mental health crisis.

• Education about mental health support and signposting to further services

Who we can help

We work with people in a period of crisis aged 18 and over with mental health as a primary support need. Referrals to our service are made through the Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Service Team.

Contact your local GP or Richmond Fellowship for more information on the referral process.

Our approach

At the heart of everything we do lies:

  • Hope: the belief that recovery is possible for every individual
  • Respect: valuing differences and all contributions
  • Enabling: giving people encouragement and support to achieve their goals
  • Inclusion: the belief that everyone has a right to participate fully in society.