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Unit 13B, Tiger Court
King’s Business Park

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We are a time banking project which aims to tackle the social isolation faced by adults in the Liverpool area who live with mental health problems.

The project takes a new approach by supporting individuals to engage with their local community, access services and rebuild their confidence.

We create opportunities for people with mental health problems to exchange their skills and time and thereby improve their mental health by incorporating the five ways to wellbeing: connecting, giving, learning, taking notice and being active.

In January 2014 our scheme was awarded Timebanking UK’s quality mark for meeting their recommended best practice.

How we help

Time banking is an exchange and sharing of skills and the only currency is time. The time bank is made up of members who receive one credit for every hour they give to the bank.

The members earn their credits by providing services to members and spend their credits by buying services from other members.

Time banking promotes social inclusion and empowers individuals by making the members feel valued as they are able to share their skills with others and learn new skills themselves. It can also be a way of saving money by getting simple DIY and decorating jobs done by members.

Members get the chance to feel part of a community and everyone’s time is valued equally.

We have monthly coffee socials where members can meet each other and some ‘trading’ of skills can be arranged.

Community Links advisors maintain regular contact with members and motivate and encourage members to trade.

Members are actively encouraged to deposit and withdraw time.

Members are coached into rediscovering skills they may not have had the chance to practice regularly.

Who we can help

People can self refer or can be referred by a care provider.

Other information and useful links:
Timebanking UK: www.timebanking.org

Our values

At the heart of everything we do lies:

    • Hope: the belief that recovery is possible for every individual
    • Respect: valuing differences and all contributions
    • Enabling: giving people encouragement and support to achieve their goals
    • Inclusion: the belief that everyone has a right to participate fully in society.