Gender pay gap reporting

All organisations with more than 250 staff report their gender pay gaps to the Equalities Commission for this year it uses the reporting snapshot date of 5 April 2020.

This set of data has enabled us to see if the organisation has changed in the last 12 months, and we have benchmarked our data against a range of similar organisations.

The full summary as of 5 April 2020 can be downloaded here.

The Richmond Fellowship median pay for 2020/21 is showing a pay gap across the whole organisation, with male median hourly pay 4.17% more than female. The method of calculation for this year has changed from the previous years, for example employees that were not earning their full salaries due to maternity or who were on reduced sick pay were not included, similarly casual workers that did not work on the snapshot date were also excluded.

At 5.07%, Richmond Fellowship’s mean gender pay gap is significantly lower than for the whole economy and for our sector. The analysis of available GPG data in June was showing a UK wide mean pay gap of 12.5%

This year we were also asked to report on bonus payments. Our long service awards, ‘refer a friend’ and ‘golden hello’ payments are included within the definition. The median gender pay gap on our bonus payments is -50%. This means that female employees receive 50% more bonus payments than male employees.

We undertake wider diversity monitoring e.g. workforce representation, learning attendance by diversity groups etc. as part of our wider commitment under Investors in Diversity.

As an organisation Richmond Fellowship is committed to equal opportunities for all and will continue to ensure that our organisational values and people related services are reflecting this. Richmond Fellowship has recently successfully completed our Investors in Diversity accreditation with a top 10 position for ‘most inclusive workplace’ by the National Centre for Diversity.

Tim Anderson
Director of People and Organisational Development