Richmond Fellowship challenges stigma at Pride event

PRIDE eventNational mental health charity Richmond Fellowship took part in Portsmouth’s Pride event to tackle mental health stigma and champion equality.

Staff from the charities Southampton and Portsmouth services took part in Portsmouth Pride to challenge mental health stigma and raise awareness.

The team set up a stand at the Pride Village and were on hand to chat to event-goers about mental wellbeing and offer advice on support available. They also helped someone using the charities services to attend the event and take part in the march which was an important step in their recovery.

Dominic Goodyear, team leader in Portsmouth, said:

“We had a great day at Pride. It was so positive to see everyone in the community challenging stigma, bullying, persecution whilst celebrating the right to achieve.
“It was fantastic to see various mental health services, emergency services, teachers and elected officials all standing up for a free and diverse society where everyone has the right to social inclusion.”

Stephen Smith-Trask, managing director for Richmond Fellowship (south), said:

“We’re honored to have taken part in Portsmouth Pride this year to challenge mental health stigma and social inequality.
“This is a fantastic event where people of all backgrounds come together to celebrate unity and social inclusion and it’s important that mental health is given a voice at these events.”

Richmond Fellowship has made an active commitment to promote diversity and challenge stigma. Find out more here.

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