Richmond Fellowship celebrates ENRICH achievement awards

0. Enrich full acrosticToday, Richmond Fellowship, national mental health charity, announced the winners of its ENRICH staff achievement awards 2016.

The annual awards scheme recognises teams that have demonstrated excellence across six categories, representing the organisation’s values: Enabling, Networking Respect, Inclusion, Community and Hope.

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This year’s judging panel – comprised of two individuals who use our services and two members of staff –had the tough task of deciding which teams would win the award for each category.

Anne, one of our judges who was supported by Richmond Fellowship, said:

“It just goes to show there are some wonderful people out there. I really enjoyed reading the nominations and I feel like I’ve learned a lot about the organisation and what you do. Richmond Fellowship can be very proud of their staff and volunteers.”

This years’ winning teams are:


WINNER: North Somerset – for going above and beyond to renovate and furnish a new property for the new supported housing project

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Queen’s Park Horticultural Service – for adapting the service to a co-produced, volunteer-led project in order to sustain funding from commissioners

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WINNER: Durham Recovery College – for working with the local Trust to set up and run a new recovery college, including ‘pop up’ venues across the county to make it accessible

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Cambridge Employment Service – for setting up a Multi Agency Group with various local organisations to build strong links for referrals, signposting and tackling issues jointly

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WINNER: Trevayler – for achieving the Derby City Council Dignity Award, recognising their coproduction approach through several projects, including the ‘on yer bike’ scheme

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Suffolk Recovery – for leading coproduction, initially by trailblazing the TRIP process and then through working as equal partners through a range of other projects

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WINNER: Redbridge Community Links – for setting up a National Lottery funded sailing and mindfulness project, now leading to people qualifying as mentors and achieving accreditation

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Fenland Wellbeing Service – for holding wellbeing fairs in the community to help join up services, give people a taster of therapies and challenge stigma about mental health

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WINNER: Cambridgeshire Employment Service – for making the Wellbeing Tree as a tool to engage people in the community with mental health and wellbeing in a creative, interesting way

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Colindale Services – for their baking group making links with the local community, selling cakes at local fairs and partnering with a local business, supplying them with cakes

WINNER: Mid-Surrey Employment Service (Leatherhead) –

“I cannot thank my advisor enough for his support and help which went far beyond what I was expecting. I could always count on him for having the right words to cheer me up in a very painful and stressful moment of my life. It is his guidance that brought me out of this difficult situation and he was instrumental in the resolution of the issue. Today he is still offering his support for the fresh new start of my career and I am sure I can rely on his experience to get me ready for it.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED (joint): Staffordshire Life Links –

“I’m almost 60 years old now and have had mental health issues all my life. About 3-4 years ago I joined my local RF group. The course was helpful, enjoyable and gave me something to look forward to. I began to improve, I made friends, started a social life. It excited me to think I could help others who were ill or in need. Now I run a Saturday group, and have applied to join the Samaritans. For the first time ever, I’m happy and want to live again. Thank you for giving me a life again and a chance to achieve my goals, I know I will”

HIGHLY COMMENDED (joint): Tower House –

“I was in such a bad place before I came to Tower House, with no future ahead of me. I can honestly say I would not be here now if it wasn’t for the level of care, support and kindness I have received. They definitely deserve an award as I see first-hand how much time and effort they put in with each tenant. I am in a much better place now, and I can envisage me having a future. I simply can’t thank all the staff at Tower House enough for giving me hope that life can be good if you have the right people fighting your corner”

This year, our chief executive Derek Caren decided to give a special, Chief Executive Award to Chris Bonini, who works in our Castle team. Chris went above and beyond to support a young man called Will, who sadly took his own life last year. Will’s parents wrote to Derek to thank our organisation, and to make sure that Chris’s dedication and support to their son was recognised, the work of a true recovery worker.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to give special recognition to Ann Gowland, who worked in our Durham services for 16 years but sadly passed away in December last year.


These awards are just one of the ways we recognise the hard work and commitment of our teams. For more information about what we do, visit

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