Merger update

Merger between Richmond Fellowship and Humankind completed

Further to our previous announcement in December, Richmond Fellowship today completed the process of merging with Humankind to form a new national charity to better support those with multiple/complex needs, including mental health, alcohol, drugs and other related area.

What Has Happened and Why

Combining 105 years of specialist experience, we are aligned in recognising the importance of better supporting those with interconnected needs and have concluded that we will be better able to do so by bringing together our collective expertise and delivery capabilities.

Celebrating the completion of the initial phase, that our organisations have legally merged ahead of our new charity’s full October launch, Carolyn Regan, Chair of the Board said:

“I’m delighted we have successfully reached the first stage of the merger. Coming together as a new organisation will allow us to provide more effective support for the people we serve as we build on the legacy of the two charities.”

To lead the new charity and the next phase of integration, a new Board and Group Executive Management team has been appointed from within Humankind and Richmond Fellowship’s existing leadership. On behalf of the charity’s leadership team, Paul Townsley, Chief Executive stated:

“June 2024 marks the start of a new chapter for both Humankind and Richmond Fellowship, and I would like to thank all of our staff for their skilled efforts in getting us to this point. We can now look forward to working as one organisation, implementing our shared vision for the future, and starting the development of our longer-term strategy.”

What Next

The charity, which will continue to be the parent charity to Aquarius, will be fully launched on 1st October 2024, with a new name, identity, vision and strategy. It will bring together c.3,200 employees and 500 volunteers, delivering 244 services across a range of sectors, which serve over 28,300 beneficiaries.


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